Metal Stamping tool material composition

Listed below are some basic information on steels and their compositions that are commonly used in the manufacture of metal stamping tools.

Name AISI std Composition Description
K110 D2 C1.55, Si0.3, Mn0.3,Cr11.5, Mo0.7, V1.0 Dimensionally stable, high carbon, high chromium steel
with excellent toughness. Can be air hardened or bath
K460 O1 C0.95, Si0.3, Mn1.1,Cr0.5, V0.12, W0.55 Oil hardening steel.
K720 O2 C0.9, Si0.25, Mn2.0,Cr0.35, V0.13 Oil hardening dimensionally stable tool steel.
K245 S101A C0.63, Si1.1, Mn1.1,Cr0.6 A flame or through hardening steel possessing extreme
toughness, good edge retention and wear resistantproperties.
M200 P20S C0.4, Si0.4, Mn1.5,S0.07 Cr1.9, Mo0.2 Prehardened chromium-molybdenum steel which
exhibits uniform hardness over the whole cross section,
high temperature resistance, and excellent machinability
K1045 1045 C0.45,Si0.25,Mn0.75,P0.03 max, S0.035 max Medium carbon high tensile strength steel suitable for medium stressed parts. Suitable for flame or induction hardening.