Metal Stamping Dies | Injection Molds | Jigs/Fixtures | Gauges

Austek Design provides a range of 3D CAD services that include 3D modelling, design and drafting of metal stamping tools, plastic injection molds, jig/fixtures, gauges and product development.

Our Philosophy is…..
“To listen and take note of our clients needs and design specifications, generate ideas, solutions and execute them with a high level of detail and accuracy.
Since time is of the essence in today’s manufacturing environment we strive to deliver on time every time.”

Our primary goal is to produce economical designs that work efficiently and are trouble free.
Every single detail is designed in 3D to eliminate potential problem areas before it is handed over for manufacturing.

We understand how important it is to design tools that meet the intended purpose as well as keeping in mind the restrictive financial constraints that can be present in today’s fast paced manufacturing environment.